About me

Oops, πŸ‘€ you found the secret entrance to my magical world sooner than I expected!
You’re probably looking at my pretty face πŸ˜‡πŸ’œ and thinking I’m a yummy obedient girl (meow!), but I have some dirty secrets I can only share with you in the DM 😈 (and only if you’re brave and liberated enough to find out 😏)

I’ll just give you a few hints

βœ… Overactive imagination 🀩
βœ… if there’s a hole, you have to put something in it πŸ˜„
βœ… I like to be fucked good πŸ‘€
βœ… role-playing sexting, deep throat, glorious blowjobs are not just words to me 😸

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